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Name: Hakan Yaman
Mitglied seit: 05.02.2018
PLZ / Wohnort: 07030 Antalya
Land: Türkei
Foto-Club: ANFAD, Sille Sanat Sarayı

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Prof. Dr. Hakan YAMAN he graduated in 2000 from Turkish Ministry of Health Ankara Numune Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program. After serving almost 20 years at different Universities as an academician and Full-Professor, he works and teaches privately in Antalya. He is interested in complementary medicine and holds the certificates of acupuncture, phytotherapy, hirudotherapy, and Mesotherapy awarded by the Turkish Ministry of Health. He is a devoted scuba diver and holds a three star CMAS Brevet/Certificate and is a deputy trainer of the Turkish Sports for All Federation.
He is involved in amateur photography and is member to photographic associations and clubs like ANFAD (Antalya Photography and Cinema Amateurs Association; founding member of Turkish Artistic Photography Federation), Sille Sanat Sarayı (a Photography Club with the ILFIAP Prestige of FIAP). He holds the life-time card of FIAP (FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’ART PHOTOGRAPHIQUE) and has been recently awarded with the  AFIAP title (Artist de FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’ART PHOTOGRAPHIQUE). He has participated in different local exhibitions/presentations like EXPO2016, TODOSK and HOBIFEST.
He is interested in documentary and street photography.
He is married and has one daughter.