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Jo walz

Mitglied seit: 17.09.2022

Kamera(s): Sony A7R III
Objektiv(e): Diverse
Zubehör: was man so braucht
Link zum Profil:

Jo Walz is a photographer and digital artist based in beautiful Munich, Germany.


More people are embracing photos by using mobile phones and Instagram, AI pictures which led to a very interesting phenomenon that could possibly change the world of photography from one end to another.


Almost suddenly people who seldom took pictures of their daily life encounters, began to photograph the world around them on a daily basis, increasing and discovering a love for photography.

Although I am a photography and tech nerd I still use from time to time my analog cameras to increase my basic skills.


My Photographer goals are:

  • Give back to my community by making portraits of them to brighten their day is one of my favorite goal.
  • Astonish people by photographing amazing street life, abandoned buildings and infrastructure is my second favorite goal.
  • And last have fun going out making photos and see how my ideas come to life.