The FIAP definitions

The FIAP definitions

The fotoforum Award takes place under the patronage of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP,, Fédération Internationale de l‘Art Photographique), the international umbrella organisation for international photography associations. FIAP patronage is a particular honour for international competitions (salons) in the field of photographic art and is bestowed in consideration of the results of an earlier event. The FIAP definitions also apply for FIAP assessment:

The competition organiser or FIAP itself can demand that every author whose images arouse the suspicion that they do not agree with the guidelines and definitions of the competition submit the original file with all of the data the sensor has registered and the RAW file if any, as well as the file directly before and after the image in question. Authors who are unable to comply with this demand are subject to sanctions.

The name of sanctioned participants will appear in a list that is sent to the FIAP competition organisers. Depending on the situation, these persons' participation in all FIAP activities will be restricted or prohibited. They will not have the right to participate in a jury as part of a competition with FIAP patronage and will not be permitted to participate in competitions with FIAP patronage. Nor will they be allowed to organise a competition with FIAP patronage or apply for a new FIAP award. They will also forfeit the right to use the FIAP award they previously received.

IMPORTANT: With regard to the digital images, the FIAP recommends authors to save the original meta data of the photos without changes. In the event of a challenge due to failure to agree with the guidelines, the fact that these data are no longer available for access can result in sanctions.

Those individuals who are guilty of plagiarism will be excluded from all FIAP activities for the rest of their lives.